Academics, Training Camps, Seminars & Public Education

Dr Shilpesh is actively involved in imparting professional education, training & skills to young PGDCC, cardiac health professionals of Wockhardt hospital, Surat. Under his abled direction, Wockhardt's Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Cardiology has become a well-recognised & well accepted program in the state of Gujarat.

He is a regular columnist on cardiac education in various newsletters and has nearly 5000 patients' data base under his sleeves. His hard, sincere patient benefitted programs such as camps, counselling & his dealing with patients' problem in a passionate and sensitive manner make a substantial difference to patient's health & his recovery. And that's make him a complete cardiologist of the city.

Social Welfare

Dr Shilpesh's believes that the "prevention is better than cure" which makes him responsible to take some time from his busy schedule to organise meditation and Yoga classes for benefit of the cardiac patients. His frequent camps in the towns are giving relief to hundreds of patient's agony. His generosity toward society reveals a noble kind hearted man in him.